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10 Oat Scones To Bake This Weekend

If you love oatmeal but want to start the day off with oats outside of a bowl, these oat scone recipes are for you! Whether you are baking homemade scones for breakfast, brunch, or afternoon tea, adding oats will give scones that rustic feel, a nutty flavor, and added fiber, too! This cozy collection of oat scones has something for everyone, including blueberry oatmeal scones, restaurant-quality maple oat scones and classic Scottish oat scones, of course!

Berry Oatmeal Scones

Recipe submitter Murton8r has been has been making these gorgeous 5-star berry scones that are enriched with oats and a touch of heavy cream for years. Allrecipes Allstar Deb C says: “This is a very easy recipe that makes a wonderful scone for coffee time.”

Restaurant-Quality Maple Oatmeal Scones

You don’t need to go out to enjoy these maple oatmeal scones when you can whip up a batch at home! “Fantastic!!” says reviewer Michellemybelle. “Love these scones. Delicious subtle maple flavor. Easy to make. My whole family loved them.”

Blueberry Oatmeal Scones

Use fresh or frozen blueberries in these oatmeal and pecan scones for a delicious breakfast treat. “Don’t change a thing!” says reviewer Patrick. “I have made these at least a dozen times and they are wonderful. This has become a family favorite.”

Buttermilk Oatmeal Scones

These simple, sweet scones only take 15 minutes to cook using quick-cooking oats. They’re perfectly flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract. Serve warm with butter and jam for a hearty breakfast treat!

Scottish Oat Scones

These old-fashioned sweet oat scones are bursting with juicy currants. “This has got to be the easiest scone ever to make!” says reviewer JANICETHERESE. “No need to roll out the dough and fiddle with the cutters and all. From the 2nd try on you can almost make it with your eyes closed!”

Fabulous Fig Scones

Diced fresh figs are folded into a traditional scone mix with old-fashioned rolled oats for a real treat during summer! “They are so good that I’ve made two batches in four days!” says home cook Flipper. Dried figs will taste just as fabulous!

Oatmeal-Currant Scones

Your whole family will enjoy these fiber-rich scones made with rolled oats and currants that have been plumped up in warm orange juice. It’s easy to vary the dried fruit — dried cherries, raisins, or apricots are all good substitutes.

Blackberry-Thyme Scones

Fresh blackberries are pressed into a dense, sweet oat scone mixture and flavored with thyme to create these impressive scones. Try topping with vanilla or lavender sugar for even more flavor if you like.

Coconut Oat Scones

These hearty scones are made with oats, spelt flour, coconut flakes and flax seeds. With soy milk, applesauce and honey they are dairy free and egg free, too!

Pumpkin-Oat Scones

You won’t want to save this treat for fall! Recipe creator MattsWife created this recipe by combining elements of her favorite oat scone recipe with her favorite pumpkin scone recipe. Reviewer Connie Banning says: “The flavor and texture were awesome even with oats in the recipe which I’ve never used in scones. A really pleasant surprise!”

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