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15+ Quince Recipes That Are Full Of Fruity Flavor

Never heard of quince? You’re missing out on an aromatic fruit that blends beautifully into jams, compotes, pies, and so much more. Though it’s practically inedible in its raw state, cooking brings out a complex flavor with subtle sweetness. In this collection of our best quince recipes, you’ll find fantastic new favorites to make with the underrated fall fruit.

Quince Polenta Cake

This polenta and almond flour cake, which has a hint of bright citrus flavor, is topped with quince slices. Slivered almonds are optional, but they add welcome crunch.

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Quince Paste and Cheese Appetizer

For this simple-yet-fancy appetizer, you need just quince paste and cubed queso fresco. Recipe creator Rita says Manchego cheese is another excellent option.

Honey-Poached Quince Pie

“This very nice pie is brimming with fruit,” says reviewer Marie C.. “As the recipe description states the quince has a floral essence that reminds me of rose water. I followed the recipe exactly and it was perfect.”

Quince Paste

Keep a jar of homemade quince paste on hand to pair with cheese and crackers. You can also use it as a jam replacement at breakfast time.

Quince Jam

Quince is naturally high in pectin, so you don’t need to add thickeners to make a deliciously rich jam. Recipe creator and Allrecipes Allstar Buckwheat Queen says this sweet spread pairs beautifully with meats and cheeses.

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Quince Puff Pastry Squares

Frozen puff pastry serves as the base for these sweet squares. “These little pastry tarts are delicious and easy to make,” according to recipe creator nch.

Poached Quince with Cranberries

How stunning is this simple and impressive dessert? Peeled quince fruits are poached in a sweet agave syrup with orange juice and fresh cranberries.

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Spiralized Roasted Beet Salad with Quince Vinaigrette

A beet and leafy green salad is drizzled with a quince vinaigrette, then topped with crunchy walnuts and rich blue cheese crumbles.

Tas Kebab (Persian Lamb and Vegetable Stew)

Seasoned lamb is cooked low and slow with garlic, ginger, prunes, carrots, quince, eggplant, and potatoes in a tomato-lemon juice mixture. This hearty stew is an “aromatic fusion of vegetables and meat,” says recipe creator Soheila.

Quince-Cinnamon Compote

Eat this gluten-free and vegan-friendly compote by itself as dessert or add it to oatmeal or quinoa for a special treat.

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Quince Empanadas

Looking for a sweet hand pie that everyone will love? Your search ends here. In these tasty empanadas, homemade pastry is stuffed with a fruity quince filling.

Baked Quince with Cinnamon

An easy way to enjoy quince, which are baked till soft and caramelized with cinnamon and port wine. “This was my first time making or eating a quince so I wasn’t sure what to expect,” says reviewer Katy. “I would definitely have this again!”

Quince Liqueur

You need just four ingredients (quince, lemons, vodka, and white vinegar) to make this flavorful liqueur. It makes an excellent Christmas gift!

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