5 Korean celebrity weddings that happened during the pandemic, in 2021


Since the year started, Korean big name weddings have assumed control over virtual entertainment, on account of declarations of Tune Joong-ki wedding Katy Louise Saunders, and Lee Seung-gi wedding Lee Da-in.

Renowned characters securing the bunch have forever been events for fans to celebrate, permitting them to live vicariously through their number one stars.

In 2021, in any case, with the undeniable danger of a pandemic posing a potential threat, very few weddings occurred. Famous people were the same, and not many took the choice to get hitched that year.

For the individuals who decided to do as such, the services were typically quelled and affected not many individuals. Regardless, these star weddings appeared to be a little beam of trust in a year in any case consumed by a pandemic.

Five Korean VIP weddings that occurred in 2021 and had netizens gushing1) Lee Ji-hoon

In the event that there’s one fan who lucked out to the point of wedding the man of her fantasies, it must be Lee Ji-hoon’s significant other, Miura Ayane, who loved the Korean entertainer and vocalist before she got into a relationship with him.

As a matter of fact, Ji-hoon was one reason she came to Korea in any case. After a few endeavors for a first date, lastly getting to know the entertainer personally, the two began dating, experienced passionate feelings for, and in the end got hitched.

The Korean big name wedding formally occurred in November 2021, notwithstanding Ji-hoon and Ayane enrolling their marriage several months earlier.

Lee Ji-hoon’s You Are Awesome! co-star IU performed at the function, which was likewise gone to by entertainers Sun Jun-ho and Im Chang-jung. Sadly, the last option tried positive for Coronavirus subsequent to going to the wedding, which caused every individual who went to get tried later.

2) Ryu Deok-hwan   Another entertainer who had his Korean big name wedding in April 2021 was Ryu Deok-hwan. In a written by hand letter addressed to fans, the Like a Virgin star declared that he would get hitched to his non-VIP sweetheart of seven years.

The function was initially made arrangements for 2020, yet was delayed because of the pandemic.

K-show entertainers Park Shin-hye, Go Kyung-pyo, Shin Ha-kyun, Ryu Seung-ryong, and Kim Jae-wook were in participation and posted photos of similar on their own virtual entertainment handles.

3) Shin Go-eun and Yoon Jong-hwa

In May 2021, K-show entertainers Shin Go-eun and Yoon Jong-hwa got hitched. This Korean big name wedding was the stuff of dreams, with the couple initially getting together subsequent to featuring as the lead couple in Awful Love.

Go-eun is a K-pop symbol and melodic entertainer who has been dynamic beginning around 2011, while her life partner, Jong-hwa, made his presentation in 2005 as an entertainer, and has been found in a few K-shows.

They initially met while shooting Terrible Love in 2019 and got together after the series finished in 2020. The two entertainers may be suggestive of the Melody Tune couple somehow or another, and their wedding was certainly a sweet treat for fans.

4) Shim Eun-jin and Jeon Seung-receptacle I observed Awful Love yet jumping to Shim Eunjin and Jeon Seungbin’s scenes. What’s more, presently they’re hitched. As of now watching Same Life, Dissimilar to Dreams and Eunjin is recounting to them their stor.

Shockingly, the pair met on the Terrible Love set, very much like Shin Go-eun and Yoon Jong-hwa, making the show a fillip for the two Korean VIP weddings after it finished.

The couple enrolled their marriage in January 2021, and the equivalent was declared by their organizations. Shim Eun-jin even posted an image of two hands decorated with wedding bands joined by a long inscription for her fans.

With nuanced jobs in Distraught Canine, Red Inflatable, and Our Blossoming Youth, Hong Soo-hyun’s collection of work justifies itself, all things considered. Since saying a final farewell to Microdot in 2019, the entertainer has stayed under the radar regarding her own life.

Soo-hyun reported, through her organization, that she would get hitched to her non-superstar sweetheart in May 2021. Her mate was accounted for to be a legal counselor turned-specialist of sensible notoriety, however those bits of gossip were unverified. This Korean VIP wedding was private, and no photos of the equivalent are accessible.

While the pandemic did pump the brakes in 2021, numerous Korean superstar weddings, including that of the much-anticipated Hyun Receptacle Child Ye-jin couple, occurred in 2022.

One can surely anticipate that numerous Korean VIPs should secure the bunch this year also, adding on to Melody Joong-ki and Lee Seung-gi’s unexpected marriage declarations.

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