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8 Ways to Make Apple Cobbler

Apple pie is synonymous with fall, but I’d argue that apple cobbler is really where it’s at. Cobbler gives you all the warm, cinnamony flavor of apple pie, but requires far less effort (bye-bye, time-consuming pie crusts). It’s such a forgiving dessert, there’s really no wrong way to do it. That’s why we rounded up our best apple cobbler recipes, from classic fall favorites to new twists. Here are 8 apple cobbler recipes to make this fall.

Apple Pecan Cobbler

This cobbler celebrates the best fall has to offer. Cinnamon, apples, and pecans are the ultimate sweater-weather trio. “This has become my favorite cobbler recipe,” says reviewer MAGNIFICANT7.

Mountain Apple Cobbler

Refrigerated crescent rolls are the secret ingredient to this top-rated apple cobbler. “This dessert is wonderful served with ice cream. It’s a great idea when they are fresh from the oven to let them sit for about 10 minutes to absorb some of the juice in the pan,” suggests reviewer Trish M.

Fresh Fruit Cobbler

Apples make up just one part of this fresh-fruit cobbler that also includes peaches, pears, blueberries, cherries, and plums. Reviewer NANCY-MO says, “This easy-to-make cobbler has a great flavor that really complements fresh fruit.”

Warm Apple Cinnamon Cobbler

A warm, cinnamony-biscuit topping makes this apple cobbler irresistible. Plus, this recipe uses fructose (fruit sugar) instead of white sugar. Reviewer LDSGIRL says, “I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes for a week and was looking for ANYTHING sweet. This was really nice and easy to make!”

Emi’s Apple Brown Betty

“This is the cobbler that I remember eating as a child,” says reviewer Mary. A cinnamon and apple-pie filling is topped with a brown sugar crust in this simple recipe.

Apple-Blueberry Cobbler

“This recipe was inspired by camping trips I used to take with my family when I was younger. Originally, this cobbler was made using huckleberries, and baked over a campfire; but since I no longer live in an area where I can get huckleberries and don’t have a constant campfire going, I substituted frozen wild blueberries and baked it in the oven instead,” says recipe creator Kim. “I also use a homemade apple beer in the batter, but use whatever hard cider or fruity beer you like.”

Apple Cobbler Crisp

Recipe creator optimusprime describes this recipe as a cross between an apple crisp and an apple cobbler. “Hands down best apple cobbler ever,” says reviewer Austina Grossnickle Edwards.

Jan’s Apple Cobbler

The topping on this unique cobbler is a cross between cake and a biscuit. Reviewer Alicia Seitz says, “So easy and my kiddos loved it!”

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