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I Will Say It Today: Slim Buster Drops Another Deep Secret About Prophet Kofi Oduro [Video].

Men of God are regarded as God’s masterwork, speaking and revealing God’s purposes and will to the people. Prophet Kofi Oduro, the leader and creator of Alabaster Chapel International, is one of the most prominent men of God in Ghana.

Prophet Kofi Oduro’s name appears in the topic of Slim Buster on his social media-hosted Political and Entertainment show today. During the conversation, Slim Buster discloses a shocking information about Prophet Kofi Oduro and explains why he admires the man of God so greatly. Slim Buster claims that if someone is unwilling to disclose the truth about Prophet Kofi Oduro, he will do it without fear.

According to Slim Buster, Prophet Kofi Oduro is a genuine man of God, yet many Ghanaians do not believe in him. “In Ghana, Prophet Kofi Oduro is one of the true men of God. He is very courageous and understands that politics is a part of his life, thus he will never stop speaking the truth to government leaders and presidential appointments. I like Prophet Kofi Oduro so much “. – Slim Buster suggests.

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