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A Guide Through the List of ASAP Rocky’s Ex-Girlfriends and Associations

As quickly as possible Rough is as of now dating superstar vocalist Rihanna, who has been his long-term companion.

He likewise has a considerable rundown of different ladies whom he has been sincerely engaged with. They incorporate Teyana Taylor (2004 to 2006), Iggy Azalea (2007 to 2012), Chanel Iman (2012 to 2014), Tahiry Jose (2014 TO 2017), Kendall Jenner (2016 to 2017), Tina Kunakey (2017), Jasmine Daniels (2019), and Daiane Sodré.

If scores somehow managed to be given to VIPs making the hit with their dating program, any semblance of pronto Rough will hobnob with individuals like John Mayer, Rihanna and Taylor Quick who are among the main ten famous people with the longest hookups up until this point.

While any semblance of Gigi Hadid and Lil Wayne keep up with top situations on this stepping stool, as quickly as possible Rough’s adoration life has all the earmarks of being drawing in more consideration as of late. From the Kardashian-Jenner faction’s supermodel, Kendall Jenner to rapper Iggy Azalea down to Victoria Secret Heavenly messenger, Chanel Iman, rapper quickly Rough’s dating ability has left many estimating and pondering who his next date would be.

With the arrival of his most recent collection, Testing in May 2018 which he expresses is tied in with testing new sounds, maybe, he might get on to testing new beauties or spreading the word about an all around existing one. He has kept many alert and aware in the journey to figuring out everything about his dating course of events since he hit the spotlight in 2011.

Quickly Rough’s Experience He was born on October 3, 1988, in Harlem, New York and named Rakim Meyers upon entering the world however decided to go by the moniker pronto Rough. An individual from the hip-bounce bunch A$AP (Consistently Endeavor and Thrive) Horde, he has been investing a lot of energy since he delivered his presentation mixtape, Live. Love. A$AP in 2011.

His presentation collection, Long. Live. A$AP which was delivered in 2013 topped at number one on the Bulletin 200. Continuing right after the 2013 collection, his second, At. Long. Last. A$AP (2015) likewise appeared at number one on the Board 200. He has additionally teamed up with big names in the business including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, French Montana, Youngster Cudi. As quickly as possible has since extended his impact and reach to mold, coordinating, film, record creation among different endeavors.

Be that as it may, music remains his force and strength. With a noteworthy melody index under the care of him, the rapper could be all around named one of the most brilliant stars of this age.

Quickly Rough’s Dating Timetable As quickly as possible Rough we know is the ladies man, as a matter of fact, the vast majority of his live shows make them leave the stage with a small bunch of bras. However, in every one of these, he has just been locked in once and has never been hitched. Here is an exhaustive manual for quickly Rough’s dating history since he moved into the affection manor. One intriguing reality about the rapper’s dates is his inclination for either supermodels or vocalists/rappers.

Furthermore, he seldom dates one who is more established than him, picking rather for more youthful ladies.

Teyana Taylor (2004 to 2006) The Harlem born rapper appeared in the dating field with vocalist Teyana Taylor in 2004.

The pair had the ball moving until 2006 when they chose to tap out. They were simply little sweetheart and sweetheart then, at that point, having experienced childhood in a similar region.

Teyana was born on December 10, 1990, in Harlem, New York, US and has been dynamic in the music field beginning around 2007. S

he is known for her tune Google Me and is at present hitched to NBA player, Iman Shumpert since October 1, 2016. The couple had a little girl in 2015. Iggy Azalea (2007 to 2012) as quickly as possible Rough joined pronto Horde in 2007 and appeared to avoid the dating scene until his leading edge four years after the fact. He hit it off this time with a co-rapper, Iggy Azalea.

He started dating the Australian rapper in June 2011 after their underlying gathering through a shared companion, Pursue N. Pursue, a music maker.

After she uncovered that they were a thing in a January 2012 meeting, she got a tattoo of her lover’s mixtape Live.Love.A$AP on her pinky finger. In any case, the couple didn’t come to a cheerfully at any point after stage as their boat hit the stones in July 2012. Iggy who was born on June 7, 1990, got the A$AP a piece of her tattoo crossed out in Walk 2013.

Chanel Iman (2012 to 2014) In the event that there is a relationship as quickly as possible Rough was not prepared to relinquish, it was that with the Victoria Secret holy messenger and model, Chanel Iman, who he portrayed as perhaps of the most gorgeous lady he has at any point looked at. The way that the couple was stylishly wonderful was only one feature of their matching, as they looked made for one another. After he isolated from Iggy, he continued on toward the lovely model in November 2012.

Quickly Rough and Chanel Iman were locked in eventually in 2014 yet severed their commitment around a half year after the fact, heading out in a different direction.

Their occupied and clashing timetable assumed a part in the separation. As per a source, they invested more energy away from one another than they spend together.

Also, we realize very well that connections scarcely endure the lack of time together, correct? They threw in the towel in June 2014.

Following the split, Rough shared about the impact the separation had on him. It left him discouraged he actually implies it in his melodies like Change and Chanel. Strangely, it was the rapper that called time on their relationship which is clearly one of the hardest choices of his life realizing that he wasn’t the man she merited and he would have no desire to hurt her by clutching her.

That is an ordinary noble man you would concur. Wonderful Iman is, notwithstanding, off the market since Walk 2018 and is anticipating her most memorable child with her significant other.

Tahiry Jose (2014 TO 2017) Following his split from Chanel, the rapper continued on toward another model, Tahiry Jose who he dated on and off for quite some time from 2014 to 2017.

Tahiry who was born in New York City, US on fifth May 1979 is renowned for dating rapper Joe Budden and featuring in Affection and Hip Jump NY unscripted TV drama.

Their relationship was not exactly restrictive and was kept on the lower radar. Notwithstanding, she felt sorrowful and utilized when her alleged playmate went to the Met Function 2017 with another supermodel, Kendall of the Jenners. Kendall Jenner (2016 to 2017) Did we make reference to that pronto Rough has a unique spot for supermodels? No doubt, he does and apparently coasts flawlessly starting with one then onto the next. He dated the American TV character and style model, Kendall Jenner from July 2016 to August 2017.

“I don’t beat my btch” ASAP Rocky cålls out, Rihanna ex, Chris Brown in new song.

A$AP Rocky is using his new song to cåll oüt one of Rihanna’s exes … referencing his girlfriend’s infamous beåting at the hands of Chris Brown.

— GIDI9JA (@gidi_9ja) May 7, 2022

The gossipy tidbits about quickly Rough dating Kendall Jenner ignited off in 2016, much to his step mother’s mortification.

In the time they were together, the lovebirds had the hour of their young lives, going on outings and going to occasions together. Tina Kunakey (2017) The Live.Love.A$AP vocalist sent individuals estimating the idea of his relationship with the Italian model Tina Kunakey after the two were spotted together pressing on PDA while strolling in New York City in November 2017.

Jasmine Daniels (2019) Fans were a lot of thrilled when the American rapper formally affirmed in the early long periods of 2019, that he was off the market having connected with his new love, Jasmine Daniels. His relationship with the forthcoming model was generally thought to be his last when the rapper himself affirmed he was finished with his party way of life with ladies and that he permits his darling welcomes ladies to his gatherings just when the need emerges.

Jasmine and as quickly as possible have been seen two or multiple times together, particularly during his melodic advancements.

Daiane Sodré when you thought you’ve seen enough of quickly and his snare ups, pronto got back from Sweden, with a Brazilian model named Daiane Sodré.

Preceding his re-visitation of the US from Sweden, pronto served a one-month prison term after he was found blameworthy in an attack body of evidence brought against him. He was then seen with his new young lady remaining before the well known Soho music scene touching each other after which Rough even kissed Sodré on the cheek.

On Sunday of that very week, Rough and his recently found darling were spotted embracing and getting more private following a supper date with Ciara and Zoë Kravitz.

Like most different wonders Rough has dated, Sodré, the Brazillian model is known to have worked for both Jeremy Scott, and Oscar de la Renta. She has even showed up in two or three recordings for stars like Julian Edelman, Drake, and French Montana Rihanna likewise, he left many estimating his future with the Barbadian artist, Rihanna whom he was connected to in 2013.

They visited together, teamed up in a music video for the melody Style Killa and were discovered kissing off-screen. Likewise at a party in New York, the pair went through an entire night together.

Nonetheless, they kept up with that they were simply having a great time and had nothing serious preparing between them. Around seven years after the fact, Rihanna and as quickly as possible Rough went official in the late spring of 2020. As per an insidee who addressed Us Week by week, “Things changed over the late spring and they at long last connected. They’ve been together from that point forward.” In January 2022, the couple shared the news that they were having a child as revealed by Individuals. They in the long run invited a child on May 13, 2022.

Quickly Rough’s Dating Tales Other than the marvels he has formally dated, The Harlem born rapper has been connected to a large number of different ladies remembering Rita Ora for 2012, the lip pack magnate Kylie Jenner in November 2015, and in February 2017, he had a hurl with French pornography entertainer, Sophie Brussaux Otherwise known as Rosee Divine.

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