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“A Pastor Slept With Me Claiming He Was Casting Out Demons, He Ruined My Marriage”. Watch Video

Judy, a woman in her early twenties, describes in an interview how her pastor damaged her marriage in the name of exorcising bad spirits. Judy, a two-child mother who is currently unmarried, reveals her terrible story.

Judy stated in an interview that she married a kind man when she was 16 years old. He was attentive and attentive to her and her child. She stated that he loved her so deeply and met all of her wants.

They were Christians who prayed, attended church, gave tithes, and were dedicated churchgoers. She would serve as the family’s representative when her husband was out of town. Her pastor approached her with the bogus allegation that she was possessed by demonic spirits and demons that needed to be exorcised. He told her she required deliverance to expel these wicked entities. He vowed to apply holy oil over her entire body and anoint her with it. Thus, he imposed himself onto her.

Judy felt horrible and decided to disclose to her husband that their pastor had slept with her. When she told her husband about the pastor who raped her in the name of exorcising demons, he lost his rage and threw her out of the house.
Judy eventually met a man who would marry her and accept her child. But after a while, he turned hostile and began beating her repeatedly. She divorced her husband and returned to live with her mother.

Judy holds “an apostle” responsible for destroying her happy marriage. She is a single mother attempting to make ends meet through odd employment. She hopes to become financially independent and run her own shop one day.

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