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A Woman Caught On Camera Strangling Her Coworker’s Neck To Death(Watch Video)

A woman, possibly in her 30s, has been seen on tape suffocating a coworker to death by strangulation. It is unknown what her coworker did to her, however she was observed tying the woman’s neck with a cloth. Observing the video images in this post, you can see a woman on top of another woman doing everything necessary to end her life.

It looks that the woman she attempted to murder is so frail that she cannot protect herself. The lady was able to support her coworker’s neck for almost one minute, but her coworker was still fighting to rise up. Approximately two minutes after hearing a person pleading for assistance, people raced to the area.

Upon viewing this video, some social media users questioned who was managing the CCTV camera as the woman murdered another person. Others questioned what a person might have done to her coworker to warrant such treatment.

Watch Video;

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