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Admit The Fact That You Have Failed And Let’s Move On- Paul Adom Otchere

Even before he started his show today, Paul Adom Otchere was expected to support the new patriotic party. People were already complaining a week ago about how the International Monetary Fund will harm Ghana’s economy.

Members or staunch supporters of the new patriotic party were confident in Paul’s defense of his party, even though the national democratic congress had been criticized and jeered for doing the same. People flooded the comment section with statements such as “Paul can defend Satan as innocent.”

Today’s entry by Paul demonstrates that President Nana Addo has accomplished one of the most extraordinary feats possible for a president. According to Paul, anyone in Nana’s position would have remained silent, sat back, and watched the economy deteriorate for political advantage, but he did not. Paul disclosed that the IMF’s involvement is due to the global difficulties that have impacted numerous economies and countries.

Paul says that Mahama has failed on so many ways. Admit your failure, and let’s move on with our lives and rescue our nation. He continued, “I believe in the leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo.”


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