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Any Man That Wants To Chop My Money Must Be Tall, Dark And Handsome— Actress, Blessing Sunday

Blessing, a well-known actress, has revealed the type of man she would like to date. Blessing, an actress, has claimed that any male interested in her money must be tall, dark, and gorgeous. In a recent Instagram post, the actress revealed that she is becoming a sugar mother and enumerated the attributes she desires in a prospective sugar boy.

According to her, she wants to spend her money on a tall, dark, and gorgeous man if she chooses to date him. The actress who just divorced her spouse stated that she is considering becoming a sugar mama for one month, but the man who will receive her money must meet certain requirements. Blessing mentioned that she desires a tall, dark-skinned male who is also physically attractive. She stated that she will lavish him with gifts and lavish him with cash, as well as date him for a month.

Remember that she recently terminated her partnership owing to rumors of adultery and extramarital affairs. However, she now want a young man to date. She is interested in being a sugar mama and is willing to date a man who matches her criteria.

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