Are Brittan and James Still Together After ‘Too Hot to Handle’?


There will be critical spoilers for Excessively hot season 4. There was a fair blend of true bonds and exclusively desire driven motivations in Excessively hot fourth season.

Belief rings a bell. Model Brittan Byrd and fitness coach James Pendergrass were one of the couples that immediately framed in the Turks and Caicos estate.

In spite of the fact that they remained companions all through the examination and showed shared interest in each other, the Hawaii occupants encountered a few troubles. James doled out himself the occupation of rooster blocker, trying (and neglecting) to guarantee that nobody squandered any of the gathering’s cash while Brittan was down for a decent rule break.

He meant well, yet in his scramble to end rule-breakers, he accidentally neglected Brittan, who finally voiced her irritation during a meeting including punching packs.

Then she gave James her bed in return for the equitable showed up, inked Ethan. However James was somewhat annoyed by Brittan, he additionally acknowledged the amount he loved her and communicated lament for focusing on the award cash over showing her warmth. On their heartfelt last date, they discussed whether they needed to go on together.

James’ reaction to Brittany’s “I’m truly into you and I really value what we have” was, “There’s just been one individual the whole time, and I’m sitting with her at this moment.”

Lana gave them the thumbs up in the wake of seeing their heartfelt trade, and they traded their most memorable kiss.

The two or three seats at last go to Kayla and Seb and Jawahir and Nick; the couple isn’t among the finalists. (In any case, you’d believe that having no standard infringement would consequently put them. Lana, elaborate! The last time we saw them, the couple was partaking in the analysis’ last kiss prior to leaving for their home in Hawaii.

Keep perusing to see whether Brittan and James are as yet dating a very long time after the shooting.

Are Brittan James Still Together? Indeed! Brittan claims in the tell-all video that the couple had some time off following recording since they were uncertain of their relationship’s status right now.

Are Brittan and James Still Together After ‘Too Hot to Handle’?

— Marie Claire (@marieclaire) December 16, 2022

Notwithstanding, subsequent to moving to Los Angeles, both previous Hawaii inhabitants started to much of the time associate with each other more.

James says it feels “so fabulous” to be public as they are currently in the “dating stage.” In regards to pre-uncover hints, the couple was both dynamic on Instagram, where they follow another, similar to one another’s photographs, and leave coy, amusing remarks on one another’s posts.

Brittan remarked with a fire emoticon and the words “Ocean no deformities” in light of a photograph James distributed fourteen days prior with the coach’s “Ocean no underhanded” message. Moreover, they were both present when the group rejoined and recorded a limited time piece in London.

While James tweeted pleasant individual yell outs to Nick, Seb, and Statement of faith, Brittan imparted numerous presents on the ladies of season 4.

With respect to, the couple really blew some minds since they were the main couple among the season 4 challengers to film cuts together. James shared numerous recordings tending to the continuous “are they still together?” hypothesis as well as stories including Brittan. Since the pair has been public, James has kept on posting about how delightful Brittan is (as he ought to).

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