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Beautiful Lady Cries uncontrallably as boyfriend dumps her after 7 abortions [Video].

Despite having had seven abortions for her five-year lover, a heartbroken woman is expressing her grief and loss after he ended their relationship.

A distraught woman is sobbing uncontrollably after the person she loved quit their relationship, despite the fact that she had seven abortions for them.

The lady was saddened when her long-term lover decided to destroy all of their cherished memories.
The lady’s heartfelt sobs were captured on video and shared online. According to the video’s voice over, she had seven abortions for her partner throughout their seven-year relationship.

Some have blamed her for the problem, claiming:

Serves her right, seven abortion Man that loves you can’t let u commit abortion twice not to talk of seven times,cry Wella and learn ur lesson the hardest Way aunty.

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