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Being An MP Is The Most Stupid Job Ever – Kennedy Agyapong

During an interview with Joy News on the AM episode titled Exclusive With Ken Agyapong, the Honorable Ken Agyapong stated that being a member of Parliament is the second-most dumb job in our country, behind that of an assemblyman.

The lawmaker is likely the most vocal political figure in Ghana, never hesitating to express his views regardless of their content or scale.

During this interview, the honorable Ken remarked that being an MP in Ghana is the most pointless occupation ever. His views in the interview at the time of airing were met with widespread criticism for his stances on various matters, although he did, in a sense, speak the truth, particularly on the duties of a legislator.

In addition, he elaborated on how he believes individuals contact MPs for financial assistance on a daily basis, citing naming ceremonies among other examples.

Although we would all agree that people legitimately require assistance, the level to which people view MPs as a source of daily cash is dreadful and undermines the intent of his/her election. As most people believe, members of Congress are not social or developmental agents; rather, they represent their constituents in legislative operations.

Due to the desire for such posts, aspirants frequently make development promises to attract voters, which has contributed to the misunderstanding of what an MP is supposed to perform. Although they receive a share of assembly funding and are legally permitted to push for development activities, it is not their responsibility to do so.

The Assin Central MP described being an MP as a dumb profession since MPs abandon their seats and responsibilities in Parliament to attend meetings such as out-doorings, funerals, and others in order to retain their seats at the expense of producing effective legislation. This presence costs the representative money, hence creating corruption and a desire for more funds.

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