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Caught pants down! kidnapper dressed like a woman | Photos

One of the shooters who targeted women in Mempeasem, West Gonja Municipality, Savannah Region, was subdued by locals.

According to Christopher Amoako of, he was thwarted because, unlike the other suspects, he was disguised as a woman.
He was taken directly to the chief’s palace. Some male farmers responded to the women’s shouts by rushing to their rescue.

Since then, he has been in the custody of the Damongo police. In addition, the Savannah Regional Security Council has dispatched a heavily equipped police-military unit to the region (REGSEC).

Saeed Muhazu Jibril, regional minister and chairman of REGSEC, has informed locals that security has the issue under control. He advised the residents to remain vigilant for any suspicious behavior and quickly notify security if they observe someone acting suspiciously.

A military helicopter from the Tamale base has been spotted circling the neighborhood.

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