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Charles Fanti to compose a Campaign Song for Kumchacha

Election: An election is a formal collective decision-making process in which a population chooses one or more individuals to hold public office.

Many Ghanaians were surprised when Prophet Nicholas Osei, also known as Prophet Kumchacha, announced his intention to run in the 2024 elections.

In an interview, Kumchacha revealed that he had this aim in 2012, but he was too late to submit his paperwork; thus, for the 2024 elections, he will not delay proceedings as he did in the past. In a discussion seen by KasapaNews, Prophet Kumchacha asked Charles Fanti to compose a song for his political organization. As a prophet, Kumchacha anticipated hearing names like as Diana Asamoah, Obaapa Christy, and Brother Sammy, among others.

But he went on to say that Charles Fanti, the most sought artist in Ghana at the moment, was the one who wrote the political song for his party, the KUM People’s Party, for him and his party members.

Already the talk of Ghanaian music, many would wonder who Charles Fanti is. Where is his origin? What makes him exceptional?

It is difficult for up-and-coming performers to receive enormous local and worldwide attention while also dominating weekly music charts.

Charles Fanti’s debut single “Sake Of Love” was recently released under his new record company, Gavali Music. Sake Of Love is currently one of the most discussed and played songs on radio and in nightclubs in Ghana.

Numerous music icons and DJs are already smitten with Charles in the hopes that he can advance Ghanaian music, compete for BET, and bring home the Grammy one day.

Kumchacha’s decision to run for president in 2024 is based on the fact that the country is underdeveloped due to poor governance. He urged all Ghanaians to abandon NPP and NDC politics and vote for him. The KUM People’s Party, or KPP, is in a stronger position to provide Ghanaians with the desired leadership. This is what I intend to provide. I intend to provide solutions to our difficulties, stated Kumchacha.

Source: BBCK

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