Checkout the biggest hotel in Africa which is in Ghana.


Simply put, a hotel is a place where people or travelers lodge. It is believed that a hotel in Ghana is the largest hotel in all of Africa.

Ghana offers a large number of luxurious hotels. Numerous hotels in Ghana are recognized as five-star accommodations on account of their extensive amenities. Note that hotels also contribute significantly to the national economy. Tourists that visit the country and stay in hotels produce revenue for the nation and the hospitality industry.

There is a hotel named Rock City Hotel in Ghana. This hotel is located in the eastern area of Ghana near Nkwatia. Due to the hotel’s facilities, it is regarded to be the largest hotel in Africa. It features 2700 rooms, an aquarium, a water park, a zoo, an 18-hole golf course, and more. More than 600 rooms were constructed by November 2020. Examine some of the photographs.

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