Deitrick Haddon is Married to his Wife Dominique Mctyer :Dominique Mctyer’s Biography


Deitrick Vaughn Haddon is a gospel vocalist from the US. He is generally notable for his creative gospel music that takes care of numerous audiences.

Deitrick Haddon was born on May 17, 1973. The gospel vocalist experienced childhood in the roads of Detroit, Michigan, where tracked down his energy for love.

His notoriety began when he delivered his Lost and Tracked down collection. He sent off this in 2002 and topped at No.1 on the Gospel Graphs of Bulletin.

This made commotion around the Christian music industry. It got well audits overall and landed television appearances on changed shows.

Haddon likewise showed up in the show “Soul Train,” where he advanced his new collection. In 2004, Deitrick delivered the “God is Great” collection, which is more energetic and groovier than his style.

Following the progress of his collection, Haddon pushed his vocation into established press with the collection 7 Days. He delivered this on October 10, 2007.

After this, the craftsman rested for some time and didn’t deliver another track. Until Deitrick and his brother Gerald delivered Fresh out of the box new Day, their rebound collection.

Deitrick proceeded with his music vocation after numerous collections. He delivered many tracks, including “Most prominent Gift,” in 2018. He additionally showed up in the film Sins of the Dad, where he played the personality of Clarence Burnett. Have some familiarity with Deitrick Haddon’s better half here! Get to know their children too! Deitrick Haddon is Hitched to his Significant other Dominique Mctyer Haddon is as of now hitched and lives with his loved ones. The gospel vocalist has been partaking in a serene heartfelt life. Dominique Mctyer is Deitrick Haddon’s better half. The two or three has been together for quite a while.

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They partake in 8 years of hitched coexistence close by their loved ones. Dominique and Deitrick are both energetic about venerating.

It is said that the two put God at the focal point of their relationship. They lead their congregation and backing other wedded couples in the method of the Master.

Dominique Mctyer’s History Dominique Mctyer is Deitrick Haddon’s significant other. She is a glad mother of 3 kids. Dominique is a degree holder in Liberal Studies. She studies Innate Sciences and utilizations her insight to help the destitute. Deitrick Haddon’s better half additionally has obligations in their congregation. The exquisite lady is supposed to be one of Deitrick’s motivations in constantly chasing after his profession.

Deitrick Haddon’s Children The lovebirds have had a relationship for quite a while now. Their adoration for one another has brought about 3 wonderful kids. Deitrick and Dominique’s firstborn is Destin. She is their most memorable little girl and was born in 2013. Their subsequent little girl is the beautiful Denver Haddon. She is promptly trailed by the couple’s child, Deitrick II.

The family right now lives in LA, where the artist performs.

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