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Enough Is Enough; I Will Publish Your Law School Results For Ghanaians To See This

Captain Smart, host of the Onua Maakye show on Onua TV, has emailed journalist Paul Adom Otchere of Metro TV Ghana some harsh remarks. This morning on the Onua Maakye show, Captain Smart disclosed that he will broadcast Paul Adom Otchere’s Law School test results for all Ghanaians to see.

He made it plain that Paul Adom Otchere will never be able to call himself an attorney because he failed his bar examinations. According to Captain Smart, he possesses a copy of the result which indicates that Paul Adom Otchere scored a “0” on one of the exams. Captain Smart issued him a stern note and advised him not to speak about him. This is due to the fact that he cannot be disputed. In addition, he said that Paul Adom Otchere is the most corrupt journalist in Ghana. He said that Paul Adom Otchere has engaged in various corrupt acts, including the purchase of an airport Christmas tree.

“You attended law school but failed, thus you cannot practice law. If I had attended law school as Captain Smart, I would not have failed. There are no calculations performed. Everything is about reading. So why did you fail. Avoid speaking about me. We will soon announce the outcomes of your law school exams. You received a 0% on the criminal law exam.”

“How can you speak ill of me! You are a criminal. I am aware that I am not a thief, however Ghanaians recognize you as a thief. How can you talk like that on television? You are not at blame. This administration has no regard for you. I like the “fight” you’ve sparked “he said. Paul Adom Otchere claimed on his program that Captain Smart should have prevented KKD from making comments about women on Onua TV. Recently, KKD appeared on Captain Smart’s show on Onua TV and claimed that Paul Adom Otchere attended a program with a woman who he believes is Paul Adom Otchere’s “side chick.”

Paul Adom Otchere believes that Captain Smart should have intervened when KKD’s “disrespectful” remarks went too far.

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