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Evangelist arrested with human parts at Wenchi.(Watch Video)

A 45-year-old self-described evangelist is being held by the police after being found in possession of human remains in Buoku Nkwanta in the Bono Region’s Wenchi township.

Evangelist Elijah, as he is known in the community, was apprehended after a tip from a neighbor who was uneasy about his preaching activities.

The arrest was confirmed to this reporter by the area’s Assembly Member, Hon. Mustafa Musah, who stated that the incident took place on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

The suspect, according to Hon Musah, resides alone on the community’s periphery. After preaching, he returns to bed in the evening.

We went to the preacher’s home after receiving a security alert from a quarry firm about his suspicions about the preacher’s nightly activities, and lo and behold, we discovered that human parts were being dried on his property. In the presence of the town elders, we took control of him and ordered him to unlock his door. To our amazement, we discovered additional human remains on the floor and in a polythene bag.

When questioned about the human parts, evangelist Elijah said he was unaware of their existence.

He was promptly detained by police from the Chiraa Police Station in the Sunyani West District of the Bono Region.

Further inspections revealed sets of scissors, machetes, pens, jack knives, and other lethal weapons in his chamber.
The police also detained a buddy of the preacher, a 23-year-old Senior High School graduate who goes by the name Faisal, to aid with their investigation.

In Buoku Nkwanta Cemetery, additional checks by the police and locals revealed that a tomb had been broken open and a body had been removed.

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