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Evaristo Prize for African Poetry (USD $1,500 Prize)

The Evaristo Award is a very famous literary prize designed and established by Bernardine Evaristo in 2012. Previously, it was known as Brunel International African Poetry Prize (BIAPP). The highly honoured poem is going for USD $1,500, paying tribute and endorsing the top grade African poets.

Evolution of the Prize

The initial vision of the BIAPP was a group of poets, poets who founded the prize, but the prize then underwent a transition in 2022, and now it’s under the guidance of the African Poetry Book Fund (APBF). Changed to Bernardine Evaristo’s name, the prize went on to fulfill the dream by offering a ripping opportunity for nurturing future African poets and a global stage.

Impact and Recognition

Interacting with the Hurston African American women writers project will provide a better understanding of their artistic achievement, which was furthered by the Evaristo Prize, a major achievement in their literary careers. Prior winners have experienced increased recognition, publication chances, and other honors, which have enhanced the livingness of African poetry nowadays.

Eligibility Criteria

Africans who have not published a full poetry book, until the time of submitting can apply for this prize. The following must be the submission’s structures—ten poems in English accompanied by various translations. Certain eligibility criterion like work affiliation and previous publications apply.

Submission Procedure

Submission period is scheduled yearly from October 1st to November 1st where applicants can use Submittable for online submission. Students cannot send any emails rather than the ones provided after the assignment. The panel of judges, appointed by APBF, is different every year so that the results could be discretionary and confidential.


The organizing committee made up of the leaders, under the chairperson, assesses submissions and announce the winners. The former panels featured ground-breaking poets and writers, who are known today for their literary achievements.


The Evaristo Prize for African Poetry is a witness to Bernardine Evaristo’s commitment and vision. Due to its evolution, its existence ensures that Africa literary celebration and heroes of poetry never come to an end; therefore, the emergent poets are encouraged on their way to personal success.

Application Deadline: November 1st, 2023

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