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Even cockroach won’t vote for you- Boakye Agyarko told

Boakye Kyeremateng Agyarko, a supporter of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), stated that he was pursuing his dream of becoming president and would fail in any job in the government led by Akufo-Ado.

In an interview with Asempa FM, the former minister of energy stated that despite receiving advice from numerous individuals, he remained focused and did not wish to be diverted by other concerns.
I labored to be the flag bearer of a nuclear power plant and eventually became the President of Ghana, so I don’t want any other difficulty to distract me because I’m also trying to become the next President of Ghana, to which I will commit and dedicate myself. Indeed, despite the fact that many people cautioned me against it,” he stated.

Mr. Agyarko also exposed his relationship with President Akufo-Ado in reference to the circumstances that led to his ouster from office.

Agyarko was fired from his position as energy minister by President Akufo-Ado in 2018 due to the Africa and Middle East Energy Agreement (AMERI) scandal.

Mr. Boakie stated, in reference to his current connection with the President, that although he had no objections to Nana Akufo-Ado, he was not in negotiations with her.

In an interview, he also stated that his allegiance to Nana Akufo-Ado blinded him in many ways in his efforts to guarantee that he [the President] satisfies the needs of the Ghanaian people and succeeds in his time.

In response to these remarks, the Ghanaian TV operator who worked with the reggae musician Black Rasta took Mr. Boakye Agyarko’s criticism to heart.

According to the sizzling hot channel, he was dismayed and startled to find that Nana Akufo-Ado did not deserve to die after having worked with Mr. Agarko for so many years.

Black Rasta stated on his Black Pot show, which viewed, that Boakie Agarko could never be taken seriously by the Ghanaian public after concealing so much about Akufo-“corrupt” Ado’s regime and leaving their withdrawal shell behind. needless disclosure. He asserts that Ghanaians are not ignorant if they trust someone who serves their master instead of their nation.

Who will choose you as President? Do you believe Americans to be moron? Boakye Agyarko, when all is well and you are enjoying yourself, you find nothing wrong with the corrupt regime of Nana Akufo-Ado. You have now been lured into a highly controversial corruption deal. You now claim that your hands are clean and that the Akufo-Ado administration is really crooked and dishonest, but you have been blinded by your loyalty.

“I must inform you that you are not a patriot. Their allegiance is to the person, not to the entire nation. How can an aspiring Minister of State remain loyal to the President? His allegiance is not to the people of Ghana, nor is it to the country; rather, he is loyal only to the President. If the president falls, [Agarko’s] allegiance will diminish.

“You are now telling us that Akufo-Ado is corrupt, which is true, but we do not need to hear it from you. Where is your allegiance? What have you done to strengthen the nation? Black Rasta remarked, “Boakie Agarko, I want to commend you for your integrity, but I will not commend you; not even a cockroach will elect you president of this country.”

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