FixTheCountry believes in Justice, which is why we want a new Constitution — Oliver Mawuse


Since its inception a year ago, the Movement has expanded from social media to the streets, where several rallies have been held to demand more from the government.

Convener Oliver Mawuse Barker-Vormawor addressed the movement’s followers in a Facebook live video on Monday, May 23, 2022, and urged them to find bravery in light of his recent encounters with the Police.

He stated that #FixTheCountry respects the law and will continue to engage in all activities without resorting to violence.

“We must demonstrate to Ghanaians and the international community that our movement has never resorted to violence in a year and nearly ten demonstrations around the country.

“At our demonstration, nobody was wounded, nobody was attacked, and nobody’s property was damaged.” FixTheCountry adheres by the law daily and will forever adhere to the foundations of our democracy, according to the activist on trial for treason crime.

In his speech, he highlighted that his movement has been advocating for a new constitution because to its commitment to justice.

According to Mr. Oliver Mawuse, a new constitution is required for the country to move on from the current one, which was the result of coup d’états.

“FixTheCountry believes in fairness, which is why we want a new Constitution that serves our age more effectively. Oliver Mawuse Barkawor-Vormawor emphasized that none were imposed by a coup d’état in which they were complicit.

The activist continued, “Now is the time to demonstrate to Ghanaians that we will not choose between peace and poverty. We can have wealth for everyone, not just a select few, and we can live in peace with our neighbors; we can have all of these things. “They cannot impoverish and frighten us, because if we demand otherwise, it implies we want the end of our democracy.”

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