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2024 Fjällräven Field Grant

The Fjällräven Field Grant is a program initiated by the well-known Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven and it is designed to support the projects that match their values of nature appreciation and environment protection. It is the purpose of this grant to make enterprises in demoting outdoor experiences acquisition, conservation, and sustainable living.

Grant Objectives

This main focus of the project is to give the Project that Pushes Out Exterior Investigations, Care of the Environment, and Sustainable Living is to create a platform that will help with the granting of funds. It thus serves as a go-between for individuals or groups who want to turn their outdoor dreams and ideas into reality, ranging from expeditions, research projects, conservation projects, to outdoor events.

Connection with Nature

The key of the grant is to make the bond between the people and the natural environment stronger, with emphasis on the safe outdoor spirit and the sustainably way of life. It fund projects that are quite diverse: from charity hiking and camping expeditions to global-scale conservation efforts in wild places.

Support and Mentorship

Those who receive the support not only get the financial assistance but also the help and guidance of Fjällräven’s experts which result in the success and impact of the projects. On the top of that, the grant explores conversations with other hikers, which means experiences and history from their trips being revealed, creating a feeling of belonging, and the acknowledgement of community love for the outdoors.

Partnership with The Explorers Club:Partnership with The Explorers Club

In conjunction, with The Explorers Club, the grant award is geared towards advancing field studies by exploring the diverse environment from a scientific perspective. The values of shared conservation, education, community, and exploration are the basis of this partnership which, in turn, is the driver for endeavors aimed at understanding our environment and its interconnection better.

Explorers Club Contribution

The Explorers Club, which was founded in 1904, dedicates itself to the advancement of scientific exploration, conducting field research, and striving for noble goals. The club’s membership is diverse, and they are committed to encouraging, supporting, and developing the young inquisitive minds among the aspiring explorers. This is done through the provision of grants, and hosting of exciting events, lectures, and exhibitions. These events promote an understanding of and appreciation for the natural world.

Grant Details

The Fjällräven Field Grant gives $5,000 to graduate or post-graduate students and early-career scientists who are doing scientific fieldwork in the area of conservation, the environment, or the natural sciences.

Fjällräven Field grant, its contribution to The Explorers Club signifies an ecological stewardship, close needle to nature exploration and advancement in science. It provides grounds for people to become protectors of nature where they can also see the significance of the great outdoors and the wilderness with which they should truly connect.

Method of Application

Visit The Official Website to Apply

Application Deadline: November 15, 2023

For More Information,

Visit the Official Website

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