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2024 Fully Funded Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Programme for Mid-Career Emerging Global Leaders

Greenberg World Fellows is an initiative that aims at equipping outstanding individuals with the necessary skills for global leadership. These individuals will come from every part of the world and from various fields of academic pursuit. The core objective remains, which is to strengthen the skill of people to carry out the social development. Every year, this program carefully selects a group of fellows who are from different fields, are very talented, and are able to start a four-month journey of intellectual growth and collaboration at the Yale University.

The World Fellows select for this program — undoubtedly — are an advisable bunch of the best people the diversity brought along to the table should be noticed and appreciated. They were the epitome of resilience, integrity, perseverance and had an array of above-average abilities.

These  individuals hail from different walks of life and have diverse fields of expertise, from creative and disruptive minds to innovators and leaders. They are most commonly remembered for their tradition of relentless selflessness while serving and inspiring others and in this capacity, they usually represent a prominent symbol of encouragement for the local community.

Distinguishing quality of World Fellows were their impressive resonance in the world and everything around us. These are the people who are going to make it to the top of their careers, showing ambition, potential, and the desire to achieve the peak. This very powerful network of World Fellows which has grown over the numbers to more that 400 since 2002 features an extensive an interconnected community of alumni.

These individuals are a living proof that you can change the entire world for the better, as they are contribution zealously to their communities through arts and letters across 96 countries. The collective power of these individuals who have left their mark on the world is far and wide, making them able to spread their knowledge, widen their horizons, and bring about positive changes while being connected to each other and Yale University.

The World Fellows Program is undoubtedly the tangible embodiment of the progressive, and moreover, visionary people who makethe world a better place today as a collective.

Prerequisites Of A Fully-Supported Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Programme

Candidates should be between six and twenty-five years into their professional life, with proven and remarkable achievements at a regional, national, or international level. World Fellows’ average age of “39” does not have a minimum or maximum limit for their age requirement.

The applicants should be residents of other countries apart from the US. Even though those who are dual-citizens of the United States with the other country are eligible, the candidates whose work is focused outside the United States are strongly preferred.

English proficiency is vital for would-be applicants. Excellent language skills in English are obligatory for the program execution to make it intensive overall.

The World Fellows have to stay in residence at the Yale University in New Haven for the whole duration of the program which runs from mid-August through mid-December.

Selection Criteria

Applicants must have:

The strong track record of outstanding and impeccable conduct on the volunteer, community, or sporting projects.

The dedication to hard work that will let us achieve the purpose of building the good society in our local, national, or international community.

A guarantee of a future career in leadership and a great deal of influence on the world.

The ability to generate original and critical ideas in the business management field as well as to be an entrepreneur and a strategist.

An arguable probabilty of contributing to an increased prestige of Yale by participation in the programm and being a representative of an international perspective on a campus.

A committed participation in a set of activities, the whole-time residence at Yale for the entire duration of the program, and mentoring of students and speaking frequently on campus are the main traits of the program.


An allowance that is paid out periodically to all associated with the program to cover the Fiddlehead’s living expenses in New Haven.

An endless affair, such rather will probably be a small but fully equipped one bedroom or two apartment that will provide living space during that period on a certain set of days.

Medical insurance

The total distance traveled from the home country and back.

Method of Application

Applying to the World Fellows Program was totally digitalised. Paper forms are also nonexistent and documents are no longer sent me through the mail.

The whole application fee or any other cost is not required.

It should be noted that you may work on your application throughout the application period and submit it once you are ready. You will find the application form and upload the required documents after you have registered and logged in through the online website. Furthermore, you can also request your recommendation letters from your referees.

Candidates are instructed to provide a résumé/curriculum vitae (not longer than three pages), a personal statement (not longer than 1000 words), and three letters of recommendation. A video message of no more than three minutes can also be presented by candidates. For in-depth instructions, you will need to access the applications through our website after you sign up for an account.

The vast majority of the program and application process queries can be addressed by visiting this site and the common question page. Along with the question, There is an opportunity for contacting staff if your question is otherwise unanswered. worldfellows@yale. edu. If an email is sent about one issue don’t send multiply email about the same issue.

Also never emails a member of staff directly. We would like to thank you for your understanding in giving the staff time to think about your questions and process them in a thoughtful way.

Application Deadline: Let’s mark this day on your calendar. December 6, 2023.

Application Deadline: December 6, 2023.

For More Information,

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