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2024 Fully Funded USAID Demographic and Health Surveys Fellows Programme for University Faculty

The DHS program inaugurates the $2024 DHS Fellows Program, funded by USAID, as part of its ongoing effort to enhance the impact and significance of DHS surveys worldwide. This campaign is for the purpose of boosting the nations’ analytical skills in order to use demographic and health data for research and analysis which in the end will strengthen the decision-making process in public health.

Program Objectives

The purpose of the program is to impart the ability to coworkers in terms of examining DHS data, using it in the teaching process and facilitating other users to use DHS data. It will be delivered through the integration of virtual events and in-person workshops model.


The application of this program is now available to professors from the selected universities in Bangladesh, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. The participants should form an academic team with at least two members from the same university with chosen expertise in demography, public health, economics or sociology. Previously, Participants of certain workshops are inadmissible, along with a faculty member senior.


The fellows will be awarded $3,000 for the research and travel expenses. Those proposals which are more beneficial, have capacity building and gender equality in mind will be selected, also, experience in data analysis will be considered. DHS Programme will pay economy airfare, lodge, and food for the sessions.

The DHS Fellows Program is a program that provides a chance for people and institutions to enhance their data analysis skills and to play a role in decision-making in public health. The program is intended to strengthen the relationship and knowledge sharing among the actors in the field of global health in order to improve the overall health goals internationally.


November 12, 2023 Applications are due
Mid-end December, 2023 Selected candidates are notified
February 1, 2024 Fellows complete the Dataset Users Course and submit their certificates
*Feb 28-March 7, 2024 First workshop to prepare Fellows to use DHS Program datasets, refine research questions, and begin data analysis
March 25, 2024 Fellows submit interim drafts of their papers
April 8, 2024 Fellows submit first report on capacity-strengthening activities
*May 8 – May 14, 2024 Second workshop for Fellows to finalize their papers
June 3, 2024 Fellows submit final papers and respond to reviews and edits throughout the publication process. Fellows also submit their policy-oriented presentation
August 5, 2024 Fellows submit second report on capacity-strengthening activities and revised policy-oriented presentation
September 9, 2024 Fellows submit proof that the working paper was submitted to a peer-reviewed journal

these are the anticipated dates for the in-person workshops but they will need to be confirmed by end of January 2024.

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