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Ghanaian Nearly Arrested After Twene Jonas Misled Her That Every Bike On U.S Street Is Free To Pick.

Twene Jonas defrauded a gorgeous Ghanaian woman, who then told the story of her near-arrest by the US police. When Twene Jonas told her that every bicycle on the streets of the United States is free to take home, she believed him, according to her

“Upon my arrival in the United States, I noticed a large number of lovely bicycles tethered to poles. According to Twene Jonas’s videos, they’re all up for grabs. I jumped on one and attempted to flee on it as quickly as possible “The lady told the story.

“An alarm went off a few minutes later. A white man approached me and inquired as to what I was doing. My plan was to take one of the donated bicycles home with me “She went on to say that.

“After that, I was informed that the bicycles were not free and that such an arrangement did not exist. In the event that I am forced to choose one without compensation, I will be arrested. I hurriedly left the scene and returned home, feeling let down. So Twene Jonas has been a liar all along. Twene Jonas’ falsehoods are going to be our downfall. In the United States, there is no such thing as a free meal, automobile, or bus “She went on to say.

You may watch her reveal by clicking on the link below.

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