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Groom slaps Bride for refusing to Ki$$ him.(WATCH VIDEO)

During a church wedding, the husband slaps the bride in front of church members. An heartbreaking video portraying the moment a groom lost his cool at his religious wedding has sparked outrage among social media users. When the bride refused to kiss him at the altar, the infuriated husband exploded.

The crowd was shocked to witness such a terrible moment because they had been looking forward to cheering on the newlyweds after their kiss, but we sorry to inform you that things did not go as planned.

It would not have happened if they were truly in love; perhaps the bride was forced to marry the groom due to his wealth or social standing.

Social media users who saw the horrifying video advised the woman to file for divorce immediately because the man is undoubtedly abusive and would treat her with the rod without mercy.

If the lady challenges him, he will definitely viciously beat her behind closed doors, just as he did in front of the audience.

Watch Video;

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