Hareem Shah Family: Meet Husband Bilal Shah, Kids And Net Worth


Hareem Shah Family is a Muslim family; she is the most youthful of three brothers and sisters and has been a web-based entertainment sensation. Fiza Hussain, otherwise called Hareem Shah, is a TikTok-based Pakistani web-based entertainment sensation.

Hareem Shah’s video shot inside the Unfamiliar Office incited discussion in October 2019, and Top state leader Imran Khan looked for an examination concerning how Shah was approved.

She experienced a reaction after a video recording of her discussion with government serve Sheik Rasheed was delivered. She was manhandled during a shopping center opening service in Dubai in December 2019.



Hareem Bilal Shah (@hareem.shah_official_account)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Hareem Shah struck Mufti Qavi in January 2021 during a ‘grimy,’ ‘foul’ discussion and guaranteed Qavi truly bugged her and her cousin. Hareem Shah recorded a FIR in Walk 2021 against a companion for endeavored murder and actual attack.

Who Are Hareem Shah Family? Meet Spouse Bilal Shah Hareem Shah was born in Pakistan to a Muslim family. Fiza Hussain is her given name. Zarar Hussain Shah is her Dad’s name. Hareem is the most youthful of three brothers and sisters. Aysha Shah is her sister, and Daniyal Malik is her brother.

She uncovers no data about her loved ones. In a public meeting, Hareem’s brother, Daniyal Malik, as of late stood up for her sister’s Tax evasion case. Allow us to express that we have not affirmed whether Daniyal Malik is her organic brother.

With regards to Hareem’s conjugal status, she is a hitched woman. On June 28, 2021, she furtively wedded her significant other, Syed Bilal Shah. Syed Bilal Shah is professed to be the top of the Pakistan Public’s Party.



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Both expressed they didn’t meet or talk on the telephone prior to sealing the deal. In any case, when they met, the two of them understood that they were expected for another and that they ought to wed. Following their marriage, the couple’s relatives are satisfied with their choice.

Does Hareem Shah Have Children? TikTok Vocation Investigated Mr. Syed makes sense of that their marriage was arranged through affection. They have not unveiled any report about their pregnancy since they have been euphorically hitched for quite a long time.

Hareem Shah started her vocation in January 2018 by distributing a lip-sync video and parody recordings on her TikTok account. She got well known around there and is presently trailed by a huge number of individuals.

Mrs. Hasheem acquired the moniker Busybody because of her few embarrassments. In October 2019, Hareem worked up discussion with a solitary video shot inside the unfamiliar office. She got a great deal of shock over this video, and Top state leader Imran Khan even mentioned an examination concerning how Hareem was allowed to film there.



Hareem Bilal Shah (@hareem.shah_official_account)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Another outrage that has helped her vocation and fan base is the public revelation of a video clasp of her visit with Government Clergyman Sheik Rasheed. Sometime thereafter, in December 2019, she was hassled by individuals from general society during the initial service of a shopping center in Dubai. She slapped the Mufti Qavi toward the beginning of 2021, causing a new outrage.

What Is Hareem Shah Total assets In 2023? Hareem Shah is a Tik Tok Star and Online Entertainment Superstar. Her profit are very great, and her total assets is somewhere in the range of $1 and $2 million. As recently showed, Hareem’s ledgers have all been halted, and she battles to meet her uses. Previously, she was seen carrying on with a pamper way of life with her companion and buddies.

She ordinarily goes to different nations to shop. She appreciates buying top of the line stuff. She has gained a few resources that have made her rich in different ways. Regardless of her rich way of life, unveiling her dependable profit as a web-based entertainment VIP and her total assets are troublesome.

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