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2024 Harvard University Motsepe Presidential Research Accelerator Fund for Africa Programme

The Motsepe Presidential Research Accelerator Fund for Africa, which is facilitated by the Motsepe Foundation, aims to stimulate the research projects that are great in impact and to be done in collaboration with Harvard University’s academic departments.

Mission and Focus Areas

This fund pinpoints researches being led by faculty members and driven by students, giving a priority to the nagging issues within Africa as well the emerging opportunities. Among other topics is prospective professor involved with emergent technologies, climate change, alternative energy sources, health, governance and many others.

Significance and Commitment

This project demonstrates the spirit of the founders who are really passionate about knowledge and are trying to make the world better in Africa. They are working in the same way as the Motsepe Foundation is trying to make Africa a sustainable continent.

Eligibility Criteria

Faculty with main investigator position in Schools at Harvard University are coming under consideration provided conducting joint activities with academics in African institutions is possible. The beneficiaries who worked with us in the past may apply again once their support is over.

Application Process

Applicants must follow the specific submission requirements, which include detailed project proposals, CVs for all members of the team, project budgets, and department confirmation of support.

Submission Requirements

There are several elements in the submission package such as the contact details, Project summary, a detailed proposal, the CVs, a financial request, and the attestation of support from the relevant departments. Collaboration with Africa-based researchers is optional but highly encouraged but proposers are expected to submit proposals with clarity on the aims and the impact on the field of research.


The Motsepe Presidential Research Accelerator Fund for Africa is a consortium of two organizations, the Motsepe Foundation and Harvard University, which has the goal to support research projects that will have a long-term impact on Africa.

Via a thorough selection procedures and careful choice of areas for focus, the Fund aims at bringing about the achievement of meaningful progress and innovation that is able to produce real solutions to the topmost challenges Africa is facing today.

Unallowable expenses

Student tuition

Renovation and capital project costs

Method of Application

Application Deadline: December 11, 2023 

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