‘He shot me!’ Heartbroken mom of T’yonna Major, 9, killed by Orlando shooter recalls daughter’s chilling cry


ORLANDO, FLORIDA: A nine-year-old young lady who was shot in her home by a binge executioner purportedly shouted out in torment to her mom minutes prior to capitulating to her wounds. T’yonna Major, Natacha Augustin, 38, and Dylan Lyons, 24, were killed Wednesday evening, February 22, in a shooting frenzy in Pine Slopes.

T’yonna Major was getting ready for her dance practice when suspect Keith Melvin Moses, 19, broke into her home. T’yonna’s mom was dozing when she heard her little girl shout, “He shot me!” The panicked mother heard the discharges, snatched T’yonna and concealed in the restroom until help showed up. Unfortunately, the nine-year-old died presently. Simultaneously, Orange Province Sheriff John Mina recognized the suspect as Keith, who was captured and accused of homicide regarding the shooting.

What occurred during the shooting in Orlando? The killing binge started around 11.15 am when cops answered a 38-year-old Natacha who had been shot. Witnesses expressed that she dropped out of a vehicle subsequent to being lethally injured.

Officials were gathering proof and working prompts distinguish the shooter when they got one more call about a shooting. Two Range News 13 writers were covering the killing of Natacha in the space when the suspect Keith shot journalist Dylan Lyons and his kindred photographic artist Jesse Walden. Dylan died because of numerous gunfire wounds.

“Moses had a single arrest since becoming an adult, a 2021 marijuana possession charge that was later dropped.” Pot charges are routinely dropped. The purpose was to prevent mental illness and crimes, like the killing of T’yonna Major, an “amazing gymnast: https://t.co/XgrmiIuPMf

— PopPot NY (@PoppotNewYork) February 24, 2023

A ‘silly’ killing binge Hysterical officials then, at that point, got an emergency call of a third shooting in a similar area. Authorities answered the scene and tracked down the people in question and hurried the casualties to Orlando Territorial Clinical Center. Shotly, T’yonna was articulated dead.

Specialists said T’yonna, Dylan, and Natacha were “illogically killed” by Keith. Cops are examining a rationale in the supposed killings. Sheriff Mina said “[Keith] was a colleague of the lady earlier today, yet apparently, had no association with the correspondents and no association with the mother and the 9-year-old,” as indicated by NPR.

“It’s hazy why precisely they were designated, and unquestionably we will investigate that,” Sheriff Mina said. At the hour of his capture, police said he acted unusually and “made hand images of weapons as he pointed the firearm at his head” while being assessed at a medical clinic. In any case, the suspect has a long-criminal history. The sheriff itemized, “At 19, he has an extensive criminal history to incorporate firearm charges, disturbed battery and attack with a deadly weapon, robbery, and terrific burglary charges.”

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