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Health: Benefits Of Guava Leaves

Glycosides and triterpenoids are found in the guava leaves. Quercetin is also present.

Additionally, guava leaves’ natural compounds can reduce blood vessel stiffness, promote toughness, and eliminate cholesterol from vessel walls.

Insulin production can also be increased by these compounds.

The digestive system benefits from guava leaves. Dietary fiber can be found in abundance in guavas. To prevent constipation, it may be beneficial to eat more guavas. You can get 12% of your daily fiber intake from a single guava (13).

Hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and diabetes can all be prevented by consuming guava leaves.
Tea made from guava leaves and water is a nutritious herbal beverage.

Additionally, the leaves of guava can reduce blood sugar levels.

Guava, according to some studies, may help regulate blood sugar levels. Studies in test tubes and animals have shown that guava leaf extract reduces insulin resistance and improves blood sugar control over the long run.

Guava leaf extract, on the other hand, may be beneficial to digestive health. It’s been shown to lessen the severity and length of diarrhea in studies.

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