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Here is the Reason Why I want to be President- Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the member of parliament for the Assin Central district, has shed further light on his aspiration to become the next president of Ghana. In Sunyani, at a Guidance Conference held by Kennedy Agyapong, he seized the occasion to explain to the youths and other attendees why he wants to be president. According to Kennedy Agyapong, it is possible to surpass one’s employer. He stated that he has often cautioned the authorities, but they have ignored him. As a result, he has decided to do something better than the NPP government and feels he can surpass them.

He stated that the administration has not heeded his counsel on how to improve the nation through tourism and automation.

“Why does the personal work of your employees occasionally surpass your own? That is known as outshine. Therefore, I do not believe in the 48-hour idea, which states that you should never outperform your boss. If your manager does not act upon your idea, you must save money, quit your current job, and start your own business.”

“I want to be president because I have been discussing tourism and mechanization for a long time, but no one is paying attention. I believe that if I am to be president, I would ensure that these things function “he remarked.

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