How much money did Nicolette take home on Cheat episode 3? Cheat score, eliminations and more explored


Netflix’s pristine test show Cheat circulated its initial four episodes on the stage on Wednesday, Walk 1, 2023 at 3.01 am ET. Among the many game shows and random data tests that watchers have seen on the stage, the pristine series has demonstrated to add a new configuration and fascinating game inquiries. While the players should respond to questions, they can decide to cheat, which adds more zest to the show.

In episode 3 of Cheat, Nicolette figured out how to cheat as well as get down on individual competitors on their cheating. She at last beat them all and win £19,000. She cheated the most all through every one of the rounds in the game show.

Each episode of the series, facilitated by Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor, will see four players contend by responding to a progression of inquiries and engaging it out to bring in liberal money prizes. The catch, in any case, is that the competitors are permitted to make up deceives move away without addressing the inquiry. However, they can do so effectively on the off chance that they can lie through to acquire up to £50,000.

“In each episode, four bold players have their insight put to a definitive test, as they battle it out more than three rounds to keep away from disposal and develop a big stake worth to £50,000.”
Fair warning: This article contains spoilers from Cheat episode 3.

Episode 3 of Cheat started with the two hosts inviting the four players. Lithemba is a legal counselor and design essayist from London, Nicolette works in enlistment, Leo is a business expert from Stockport, and Ricky is a deals account director from London. The four competitors got an opportunity to swindle all through the series of inquiries posed to them by essentially squeezing a button.

In the event that they didn’t know about a response, they needed to press the cheat button which would show the response on a minuscule screen before them. The award cash for each right response £1000 and an off-base one would make them lose a similar sum. On the off chance that its right, individual players can get down on the competitor assuming they think they’ve utilized the button.

The most reliable cheat tracker would progress to the following round and get to wipe out a player. All through the primary round, the players got to get down on individual con artists while additionally addressing their own inquiries, and procured £12,000. In any case, they additionally didn’t get eight cheats, leaving them with just £4000 toward the end.

Nicolette was the cheat tracker and she dispensed with Lithemba from the show. The dispensed with challenger needed to return £1000 for all of their cheated and wrong responses, and Lithemba contributed £3000, getting the all out to £7000. Nicolette deceived threefold yet had the option to chase individual con artists and secure her position in the opposition effectively. While Leo deceived two times, Ricky did it just a single time.

For the subsequent round on Cheat, the three excess challengers needed to respond to four additional inquiries each. This time, in any case, the award cash was raised to £3000. All through the round, they offered a few wrong responses and duped their direction through, however they even got a couple of them. The big stake remained at $19,000.

Four cheats weren’t gotten, which drove the absolute to £7000. Yet again nicolette was delegated the cheat tracker and this time, she chose to kill Leo, who contributed £12,000 right once more into the record, getting the all out again to £19,000.



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Toward the finish of the game show episode, Nicolette and Ricky entered the last round where they could make a cheat allegation once. Assuming that they figure out how to effectively find the miscreant, they will win. After a very close contest, Nicolette called her adversary on his cheating and won £19,000.

Cheat has been a very fascinating game show to gorge on. The series guarantees loads of tomfoolery, games and something else for watchers. Players come from different foundations and societies and participate in a few fascinating games while likewise doing everything they can until one of them wins the terrific monetary reward.

Watchers can check out the four delivered episodes of Cheat at present spilling on Netflix. Episodes 5-8 will air next Wednesday, Walk 8, 2023, at 3.01 am ET.

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