“I am not a Christian” – Gospel musician Joseph Matthew


Joseph Matthew, a Ghanaian singer based in the United Kingdom, is a gospel musician, but he claims he is not Christian. According to him, he adheres to the teachings of Jesus Christ, although he prefers to be referred to as a “Child of God” rather than a Christian.Matthew stated on Hitz FM, “I am not a Christian.” He said, “I sing to honour the names of God and Jesus Christ.”

According to the Hallelujah singer, Jesus Christ did not name His followers “Christians,” but rather “disciples.” Matthew did not cite a passage from the Holy Bible to bolster his argument. He, however, described what a Christian was in his own words: He informed Andy Dosty, “A Christian is an individual who is a member of the religious community called Christianity.”

Joseph Matthew

He continued by arguing that Christianity is not precisely what the Kingdom of God is about. On Daybreak Hitz, Matthew stated, “whoever believes in the Kingdom of God will be dubbed a “Child of God.”

The gospel singer’s stance on the Christian religion. He sparked some debate on social media, with some users agreeing with him and others criticizing and labeling him as “confused.”

In response to the latter, the Blessed singer stated, “I believe we live in a generation that seeks the truth. We are exhausted of being instructed. Now we may obtain the scriptures and study them on our own,” he remarked.

“You can Google if you do not get what I am saying. Do not rely on my word alone. If I am lying, the Scriptures are there to prove it,” he added. Mr. Matthew, who was born into a Christian musical household, learned to play multiple instruments and sing in his father’s church choir at a young age.

He moved on to play in the church band, where he was able to further improve his skills and discover his vocal talents. Among the songs in Joseph Matthew’s discography are Blessed, The Name, Not Alone, and My Story.

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