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‘I am very sorry’ – Father of Achimota School Rasta student apologises

Tyron Marghuy’s father has apologized to the public for accusing his son of assault. Tyron was one of two Rasta kids who were initially denied admission to Achimota School.

Tereo Marghuy states that the occurrence was regrettable and he did not anticipate that it would be released on social media because he only shared the information with a small number of individuals for advise.

“If it has seriously harmed somebody, I am truly sorry. I apologize to everyone that something of this nature had to occur,” he told Citi FM in Accra on Wednesday.

In a video that went popular on social media, Mr. Marghuy accused his son of being extremely disobedient recently. He also displayed a hand injury, which he claimed Tyron had caused.

He said that his current dilemma was the result of his efforts to overcome a stalemate between Tyron and his sister.
“This is the third time something similar has occurred, as he walked over me and I charged at him. I desired to slap him for his actions.

“He does it every time, and he grasped my hand so tightly, I don’t know if he had something with him or what, and this is what he has done,” he stated while pointing to his hand.
Tereo Marghuy remarked in the film that even in the Achimota case, “he [Tyron] was so arrogant that I wasn’t even willing to follow him anyplace. I went to court with him and defended him for the sake of humanity; for the sake of Rasta.

He has pleaded with Ghanaians to forgive him for the entire affair, promising that it will never occur again.
“He just grabbed my hand as we struggled. All that occurred should not have occurred. We should calm down and resolve the situation. It is sad that it was released and that individuals have developed their own opinions,” he remarked.

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