“I Can Quit My Well Paying Job To Marry Sadio Mane” Popular Female Ghanaian Journalist Reveals


Ghanaian sports journalist Joyce Annor Yeboah, also known as Afia Empress, declared her everlasting love for Mane after he stated that he will not marry a social media woman.

Joyce revealed the information during an interview with her mentor, Saddick Adams, on the Angel floodlight Sports show. Adams had asked her what she might do to obtain Mane. She explained further that she dislikes Mane not because of his wealth and notoriety, but because of his ability to avoid social media.

She added that she has always desired a man who is quiet, courteous, humble, and most importantly, career-focused, and that Sadio Mane possesses these characteristics.
In a perverse turn of events, Adams reminded her of Sadio Mane’s dream woman: a God-fearing Lady who can avoid social media. Joyce stated that she is willing to sacrifice everything, including her religion, in order to marry the man she adores.

She stated that nothing can prevent her from marrying mane, even if he demands her to remove her social media accounts, because she has all she desires in a man and most people on social media are after money, so why not if he possesses everything she requires?

Joyce admits she loves mane and is willing to marry him without hesitation if he proposes. Joyce stated she met mane online due to his humility, not his wealth, and will marry him despite being a Christian and her family’s inevitable opposition. She is willing to sacrifice everything to marry Mane.

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