I don’t need anybody locked up – Meek Mill reacts after police retrieves phone


Meek Mill, an American rapper, has begged with police to release the man arrested in connection with his phone theft case.

The rapper stated on Twitter that he cannot be positive that his phone was taken.

“I could have dropped that phone on a dirt bike. I don’t know for sure if someone went into my pocket… I don’t need someone imprisoned for a phone… “I have no idea what happened to it,” Meek Mill wrote.

All that mattered to the artist was that he had received his phone. This follows the theft of the rapper’s phone prior to his Afro Nation performance.

Meek Mill, who had been looking forward to visiting Ghana, took the stage at the 2022 Afro Nation concert on Thursday.

But, before to his performance, he had a tumultuous commute to the venue. Fans flocked to see their favorite celebrity.

Meek was seen climbing over the gate inside the arena as he sought to escape the enthusiastic crowd.

He eventually revealed to fans on stage that he had been robbed. In an Instagram post, he stated that his phone had been stolen and begged whoever had it to return it.

A day later, the police caught one person and recovered Meek Mill’s stolen cellphone.

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