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I fed my 9 month baby Seawater for five days – (Read More).

Nura revealed in a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide that they had no food or water at sea and resorted to drinking seawater until they were rescued by the crew of a container ship. Nura stated that she was aware of the inherent dangers but had no reason to back out. “It was a difficult voyage, but I had the courage to leave Libya because I had no one there. We ran out of food and water. Because I hadn’t eaten, I had no breastfeeding for my kid. Therefore, I fed her seawater because it was all we had,” she claimed.

According to her, approximately 77 migrants were across the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, the Italian rescue crew was off-duty that day, and the Libyan rescue squad failed to assist them.

“We believed we would perish at sea. We contacted the Libyan rescue team, but they informed us that we had traveled too far for them to assist. About three Ghanaians perished, others wept, and our boat sank. I did nothing but pray because we had no rescue team.

Nura stated that they were at sea for five days before encountering a container ship in the Mediterranean.

“I nearly fell during the rescue effort, but a Nigerian saved me. My child was saved before I was. We observed the Libyan rescue crew when the Italy squad arrived later.
The Italians could have sent us back, but because some of us had fainted, they spared us. Before reaching the city, we spent almost a week at sea, she told DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa.

Nura revealed that she fled Ghana for Libya in 2015 together with her newlywed sister. According to Nura, her family had secretly arranged for her to marry a Libyan.

“My uncle in Libya told me that if I do not marry him, I must leave his home. He forced me to marry him for financial gain, but I refused. “After leaving his home, I met a Ghanaian who assisted me in finding a job,” she continued.

“Eventually, I met the father of my child, and we became pregnant, but he urged me to terminate the child. I declined and left his residence.”

Nura indicated that conditions in Libya deteriorated. Therefore, she decided to embark on the perilous trek to Europe.

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Source; SVTV

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