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“I Hit Her With A Pestle During A Disagreement” – Man Narrates How He Murdered His Girlfriend Whom He Met On Facebook Two-years-ago[Video]

During a disagreement, I hit her with a pestle – A man describes how he murdered his two-year-old girlfriend whom he met on Facebook.

During a disagreement, I hit her with a pestle – A man describes how he murdered his two-year-old girlfriend whom he met on Facebook.

Edeh Tochukwu, 31, was detained by members of the Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) on October 24, 2022, for allegedly killing his 48-year-old boyfriend, Ijeoma Felix, in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

On Tuesday, December 27, Edeh told reporters that he and Ijeoma met on Facebook two years ago and that their relationship evolved to the point that he moved into her two-bedroom apartment in the FCT’s Lugbe district.

He said that when she began to question his every decision, their relationship began to suffer.

“She was constantly upset whenever somebody called me on the phone. I was unable to articulate myself. I can’t talk for more than five minutes on the phone. She will choose offense. She’ll make fun of me.”

Edeh described what happened on October 24 as an altercation with the deceased over a Highlander automobile she gave him that he sold without her permission. He believes the argument became physical.

“When I came around, the dispute started all over again regarding the car. She had raised her voice at this point.

She began insulting everyone and everything. She proceeded to the living room and dropped her home theater system on me, which I still guarded.

The second time she returned with the pestle, it was completely inadvertent because I was upset and all…

I seized it from her grasp and shoved her with it. When she approached, I whacked her with the pestle unintentionally. “That’s when she collapsed and began crying, asking why I hit her,” he explained.

Edeh alleged that after beating her, he took the deceased’s Toyota Camry, as well as her phone and some other possessions, before fleeing the house.

He went on to say that he was caught on November 2 after changing the Camry’s registration and selling it for N1.7 million.

Speaking to reporters, the victim’s elder sister described how she discovered her sister, Ijeoma Felix, had been murdered on October 24 at her home.

She claimed she received a call from the caretaker of the building where her late sister’s flat was located, warning her that Ijeoma had not been seen in days and was maybe critically ill. She arrived at the house and noticed a horrible odor, but her automobile was nowhere to be found.

She went to Lugbe Police Station after discovering that a report had been made, but was told to return the next day since the investigating police officer (IPO) was not on duty.

“We went there the next day” (Lugbe Police Station). We were then able to meet with the IPO. They had already planned for the environmental impact (agency). We were even present at the police station when the environmentalists arrived. We all proceeded to the compound.

They came in and took out my sister, who was wrapped in her center rug. She was already smelling. That means the smell I detected the day before was my sister. She had been smelling for days!

That’s how we got her to Gwagwalada Hospital and buried her.
The automobile was not present. There was no television. The phones were missing. However, you could see the charging devices there. “And they told me that the man in question was the last person who arrived that Monday (to her apartment), and they didn’t see when he departed, and the car hadn’t been there since he left,” she added, adding that the family wanted justice.”

According to the Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the suspect was apprehended in response to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Usman Alkali Baba’s directive to find him and leave no stone unturned in dealing with criminal elements.

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