“I want to hug them so bad”: Fans wants to comfort Stray Kids’ Felix and Innie who were crying during Japan concert


On February 25 and 26, the Wanderer Children’s individuals Felix and Innie were seen crying at their Japan show held at the Kyocera Arch, Osaka. The God’s Menu bunch is presently on their continuous world visit named Neurotic World Visit which started off on April 29, 2023, on the side of their four late collections, Oddinary, Bazaar, Maxident, and The Sound.

The world visit will comprise of 42 shows. Right now, the gathering is in the middle of holding shows in Asia, North America, and Australia.

The gathering gave an astounding exhibition at the Japan show, separating in tears as they got a ton of adoration. After seeing the fan occasion set up by STAYs for the gathering, Felix, alongside Innie, separated. The rapper embraced Innie while crying wildly.

“They’re the most perfect spirits on the planet”: Fans close to home watching Stray Children’s Felix and Innie consoling each other during the show

Not long after the occasion, web-based entertainment began flooding with Stray Children individuals and their crying recordings from their Japan show. Indeed, even as Felix was crying, he embraced the crying Jeongin and support him. Observing such profound clasps from the show, the STAYs simply needed to embrace their golden calf and solace them so they could quit crying.

Changbin was likewise seen encouraging Felix by embracing him two times. Fans likewise saw that Felix looked pretty in any event, when he was crying. Watching their venerated image wailing relentlessly, the fans even guaranteed that they would cry also.

Remains additionally saw that while the individuals were in the middle of crying because of the staggering sensation of the amount they have been cherished by their fans, another part, Han, was seen grinning at them with eyes brimming with warmth.

“im so miserable felix attempting to comfort innie however at that point crying himself I love you folks sm im so happy theyre blissful/great overpowering tears”

Stray Children made their arch presentation at the Kyocera Vault in Osaka, Japan, and conveyed an extraordinary execution. Since this was the gathering’s very first vault show and quite possibly of their most significant second, each of the individuals cried and communicated their euphoria.

The gathering likewise took to Twitter to communicate that they were so appreciative to their fans for accomplishing it conceivable by interpreting their fantasy. It was a fantasy for the gathering to convey a presentation at the Vault. They tweeted:

Stray Children is an eight-part K-pop gathering that incorporates Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, I.N. furthermore, Seungmin. The gathering initially had nine individuals, however entertainer Kim Charm jin left in 2019 because of individual reasons, which he never uncovered to the fans.

Bang Chan is the pioneer and the most established individual from the gathering, while I.N. is the most youthful. Seungmin is the primary performer, while Bang Chan, Changmin, Han, and Felix are the rappers of the gathering. Hyunjin and Lee Know are the primary artists, while I.N is the sub performer.

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