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I was suspended from Accra Academy for chasing girls outside campus — KiDi

Denis Nana Dwamena, better known by his stage name KiDi, a gifted Ghanaian musician, recalled a time when he was expelled from Senior High School (SHS).

The Accra Academy alumnus disclosed that while in school, he went to town with other friends to look for girls, which resulted in his suspension.

According to him, only eight of the forty were reported to the school administration.

I attended Accra Academy, a school for boys. We used to attend fun fairs at the girls’ schools and everywhere else. I applied for a position that resulted in my suspension. I felt sad because so many of us had to leave. We numbered between 30 and 40, but whoever went to snitch implicated eight others,” he recalled.

According to the “Touch It” singer, he initially believed he had escaped punishment because his name was absent from the list of names he saw, only to realize that a friend had added it.

“God being so good On the paper, they had written eight names with a blue pen, although I was not one of the eight.

“A coworker wrote my name at the end with a different pen.” It was embarrassing for me to have to bring our mothers to school to sign suspension letters and other paperwork, he said.

KiDi disclosed that the situation deteriorated when the Head Master, mistaking his mother for a younger sibling, yelled at the already irate mother.

“You are aware that my mother is very young, and when she walked into the headmaster’s office, he became really upset. I requested that you bring your mother, not your siblings. “My mother was already angry, and this man only made matters worse; it was terrible,” he said.

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