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I Will Sack Him if I am in any position- Kennedy Agyapong Drops Top Secret

The member of parliament for Assin Central, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong, has finally divulged brave secrets regarding the violent fight between Islamic students and the police, which culminated in a number of unfortunate occurrences.

Today, he conveyed these remarks to the pupils of the Islamic Senior High School in Kumasi. While speaking to the entire school about their altercation with the police, Kennedy Agyapong said that the director of the urban road is responsible for all of this. If the director had corrected the road, none of what occurred would have occurred in the first place, so he would have fired the director of the urban road in that region if he had been in a position to do so.

“In my opinion, your actions were appropriate, because if you hadn’t done so, we wouldn’t be here. So I don’t blame you, I blame the urban road director responsible for this area. If he had repaired the road, we never would have reached this stage. If I were in a position to do so, I would immediately fire him. However, let’s not take the law into our own hands again.” Kennedy Agyapong told the pupils with confidence.

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