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If I failed my law exams, did you mark my papers- Paul Adom replies Blakk Rasta.

One of the most well-known and respected journalists in Ghana is Paul Adom Otchere. During an episode of his show titled “Good Evening Ghana,” he addressed a problem that was brought up by Blakk Rasta by making some outlandish claims.

Since then, Paul has written an editorial against Togbe Afede, who was formerly a member of the Council of State, and he claims that he has no idea why there has been such a significant response to it. He went on to explain that he writes the editorial for a specific motive that he has.

Paul continued his explanation by stating that he overheard Black Rasta claiming that he did not pass his law examinations while listening to a program. As a result, he inquired about Blakk Rasta regarding whether or not he was the individual who had annotated his legal documents. He stated that he did not understand why Black Rasta was so concerned about his upcoming legal examination.

Paul added that the purpose of his show is to own his opinions and to express his viewpoint on subjects, and he emphasized this further. He claimed that he is not compensated in the manner in which he ought to be compensated, but he is continuing to labor diligently for the people of Ghana.

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