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“I’m beautiful, He’s Ugly but I still Love Him because He gives me money”- Lady Confesses

A young and attractive Ghanaian lady has told openly why she is still with her partner despite not looking attractive.

In a brief Tiktok video, the young girl who has garnered fire for her nasty words about her partner stated that she broke up with him because he was not financially stable.
She went on to state that, while she would never date a man who is financially stupid, she agreed to date her current partner because of his money. When @juujee koko questioned why she ended her previous relationship, the gold-digger divulged this information and gave the horrifying response below;

I left my boyfriend because he was broke; I don’t date broke men; the guy I’m presently dating is ugly, but he takes care of me, so I can’t leave him for anyone.

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