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I’m taller than the big Ghanaian – Ethiopia’s tall man

A recent post about a Ghanaian who was supposed to be the world’s tallest man prompted an Ethiopian to claim on social media that he is taller.

Negewo Jima put his image with that of Sulemana Abdul Samed on Facebook writing “never lose up”.

“Bring him if you want – this person won’t be taller than me,” he stated previously.

“From what I can tell from the photographs, he’s not taller than me,” Mr Negewo later told the BBC.

Mr Negewo is Ethiopia’s tallest man, standing at 7 ft 4.6in (225cm). Despite reports that the 29-year-old Ghanaian was 9 ft 6in tall, a BBC reporter measured him and discovered that he was 7ft 4in taller than the Ethiopian.

Other Ethiopians have claimed to be taller than Mr Negewo in the past, but this has been proven false.

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