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‘Indian hemp is boosting economies of other countries, we can’t lose out’ — Gabby Otchere on ‘weed’ legalization

Gabby Otchere-Darko, a member of Ghana’s ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), is lobbying for the legalization of Indian hemp, sometimes known as “wee”

According to Gabby, there is a huge demand for Indian hemp for medical, cosmetic, and industrial applications.

He added in a tweet that if Parliament supports the legalization of Indian hemp, it might stimulate the economy.

“Soon, if Parliament approves, an entirely new industry will arise in Ghana based on Indian hemp, which is in HIGH demand for medical, cosmetic, and industrial applications,” he stated.

The Guyanese government recently designated a vast stretch of land for an Indian hemp farm, which prompted his statements.

“For instance, the Guyanese government devoting tens of thousands of hectares to the enterprise. We cannot lose!” he declared. Several prominent persons have joined the movement to legalize “wee.”

Many argue that the government should look beyond the negative impacts of smoking and instead examine the cash it could create if it were legalized.

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