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2024 International Monetary Fund Economist Programme for Ph.D Graduates

The Economist Program (EP) at the IMF derives an opportunity to interact with international projects cooperating on critical economic issues as well as an arena where analysts learn to be publicly accountable for their intellectual contributions.

Benefits of the Program

The EP is an invaluable source of practical knowledge and a window to the diverse IMF activities that are instrumental in the guarantee of global monetary cooperation, financial stability, international trade, employment opportunities, sustainable growth and poverty reduction.


Participants shall be soon after getting their doctorate degree or the first year of being doctorate holders, nationals of member countries of the IMF and under 35 years old upon joining the program.

Program Structure

The three-year work program combines two departmental placement times, concerning regional and national level surveillance, fiscal and monetary issues, balance of payments, debt, and other similar issues.

Real Responsibilities

Participants under going this project are involved from get go in activities like policy development, operational work, research, and capacity building.

Application Process

Applications start between September-October; and candidates who made it to the shortlist will be interviewed cumulatively from October to January and offers made in early February. It is a long process made up of several phases, such an initial interview, a submission of a transcript, references and research papers and then panel interviews, psychometric assessments and written tests being highlighting it.

Selection Criteria

Candidates are examined on the issues of economics, analytical skills, communication skills, and behavioral competencies. The following process is the people who are at the Admiral Internal committee. They will then look at the individual students’ performance in interviews, research papers, psychometric assessments, and written exams.


The IMF Economist Program provides a formidable platform for the young people willing to venture into frontline economic analysis, thus providing a springboard for an economy- oriented career.

Application Deadline: December 7, 2023.

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