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“It is not always in the place of a man to make approaches” – Ugoccie

Nigerian musician Ugochi Anosike, commonly known as Ugoccie, has declared that there is nothing wrong with women making sexual advances toward men.

During an interview, she recalled how she had once asked a guy out, and he had accepted, and made the statement.

The vocalist of “Do You Really Like Me?” claimed that their relationship was successful during their time together.

“I’ve told someone before that I like him,” Ugoccie stated. I told him this since most people believe that if a woman approaches someone and says she likes him, she is cheap. How is a guy meant to know about one’s feelings if one does not tell him?

“It is not always a man’s place to make approaches. Every lady, in my opinion, should approach a man and communicate her sentiments. It’s okay if any guy rejects me; at the very least, I tried. I once asked a guy out who didn’t say no, and we had a good connection. The guy and I, on the other hand, are no longer together (laughs).”

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