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“It’s a bad omen” – Mixed reactions as man gifts bundle of firewood to couple on wedding day (Video)

On their wedding day, a couple received a bundle of firewood from a guest, as seen on camera. Despite the strangeness of the present, the couple accepted it with a smile on their faces. However, netizens reacted differently, with many criticizing the gift’s selection. While some claimed it meant spiritual poverty, others defended the man, saying that not everything could be linked to poverty.

They defended the wedding guest, claiming that the firewood was all the man could afford.

Reacting to the video, @ify_chuta wrote: “for bbq. Everything should not be attributed to poverty. The couple appreciated it because they know it’s the man’s area of business and he offered from his heart.”

@seunodutayo wrote: “it’s not the gift that matters, see the happiness. Nigerians have a long way to go oooo. Everything is money to us.”

@lincoln_city_empire wrote: “I will reject it cause that a bad sign to my marriage.”

Watch the video below:

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