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John Boadu Unexpected Message To NPP Delegates And New Executives After The Election

John Boadu gave a message to the NPP officials and delegates, much to their surprise. He began by thanking the organizers for ensuring that there was no disagreement over the outcome of their election. Winners thanked delegates for giving them a chance to serve as party leaders ahead of an important general election in 2024, which they graciously accepted. Losers expressed no bitterness about their defeat.

We should all put our differences behind us and come together during this moment of unity. He made this statement over the phone to Citi TV, where he promised to appear live on air to thank all of the NPP’s supporters for helping to make this election a victory.

Overall, this is a huge gain for the Democratic Party. At this point, it appears that the NPP is ready to take on the powerful opposition NDC and shatter the eight-point lead. When it comes to the bailout, delegates not only cheerfully welcome all executives throughout the campaign, but they also make the final choice. He’ll say “respect delegates” instead of “fear delegates.”

At the same time, they have the ability to lift you to the top and bring you down. It is imperative that you treat others with respect and refrain from abusing the power that has been bestowed upon you because of your role as an executive. When you need them again, the delegates will take down the ladder so you can descend.

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